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  • Cervical Spine

    Cervical SpineWhere is the Cervical Spine?If you ever wondered where is the cervical spine, this article will help with learning more about the cervical spine, its location, and complications, pain, and treatment. The neck area of the spine is kno...

    Spine facts Cervical
  • Spine Problem- Symptoms, Types, Purpose, Diagnostic Procedures, and Treatment

    Spine Problem- Symptoms, Types, Purpose, Diagnostic Procedures, and TreatmentSpine Problems: What is the Spine?In order to properly delve into the various spine problems, it's important to know more about the spine.The spine, or otherwise known as...

    Symptoms Spine symptoms

Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF)

Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) What is Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion or ALIF? Anterior lumbar interbody fusion, also called ALIF, is a surgical procedure that is used to treat spinal problems like spinal instability, disc degeneration and deformities of the curves of the spine. In this operation, an anterior incision is made (from ...

Cervical Disc Replacement

Cervical Disc Replacement SurgeryWhat is Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery?If one or two discs in the cervical spine (neck area) are severely damaged and a patient is experiencing pain in the neck or pain radiating into an arm, due to bulging of the disc, creating pressure on the nerve that is located behind it, or if the disc is directly compre...

Cervical Fusion

Cervical Fusion SurgeryWhat is Cervical Fusion?Cervical fusion is a surgical operation that permanently connects two or more of the vertebrae in your neck.  The surgery can be completed through an incision in the back of the neck (posterior) or an incision in the front of the neck (anterior). One of the most common reasons cervical fusion surger...


Corpectomy What is a Corpectomy? A Corpectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing either only a portion or all of the vertebral body is called a Corpectomy. This operation is usually performed to decompress or remove pressure from the spinal cord and the nerves. Corpectomy is often done in combination with another procedure to remov...


Discectomy: Definition, Reasons, Risks, Preparation, and ProcedureWhat is a discectomy?A discectomy is a surgical operation done on your spine to relieve the symptoms of a herniated or bulging disc. When a spinal disc herniates, the protruding portion of it can pinch or compress the nerves around it. This can cause weakness, numbness or pain in ...

Dynamic Interlaminar Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine

Dynamic Interlaminar Stabilization of the Lumbar SpineWhat is the importance of getting surgery for spinal stabilization?This is a procedure that helps with spinal stabilization and removes pressure from discs and joints that are damaged without having to perform a fusion. When spinal fusion is performed, the spine is no longer flexible at the p...


Foraminotomy/Foraminectomy What are Foraminotomy and Foraminectomy? The words Foraminotomy and Foraminectomy are two words that can be used to explain the same kind of surgical procedure. The foreman is the tunnel or passage between each of the spinal vertebrae through which the nerve roots leave the spinal canal on their way to a particular o...

Fusion with Instrumentation Surgery

Fusion with Instrumentation: Scoliosis Correction Surgery - Definition, Purpose, Preparation, Procedure, and ResultsFusion with Instrumentation: Scoliosis Correction Surgery- Definition As you may know, scoliosis is a term used to describe the abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. The spine’s curvature in this condition will usually be more ...

Growth Friendly Surgery

What is Growth Friendly Scoliosis Surgery? Definition, Purpose, Preparation, Procedure, and ResultsGrowth Friendly Scoliosis Surgery: DefinitionScoliosis, as you may or may not know is the abnormal sideways curvature of the spine, usually in an S or C shape. Usually, a person’s spine runs down in a straight line in the middle, but in the case of...


Hemi- epiphysiodesis- Definition, Purpose, Preparation, Procedure, and ResultsChildren and adolescents can sometimes develop pathological angular deformities in their lower extremities and this can cause them pain whenever they are off playing or doing activities. These deformities can also sometimes cause altered gait as well as joint instabili...
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